If for some reason your event page looks different, it's because Splash just underwent a major update, propelling our platform into a simpler, vastly more powerful direction.

Shoot us an email at, and we'll get back to you immediately, making sure your Splash is as beautiful as ever.

So, what's different?
  • Dazzling new themes, including a refresh of the classics
  • A streamlined toolbar to make designing event easier
  • Convenient features, such as on-page dragging
  • Much, much more!
Event Attendees & Other Questions:

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  • Attending an Event
  • Creating An Event Page
  • Sending Emails & Collecting RSVPs
  • Selling Tickets
  • Making Purchases (Splash Pro Features)
  • Managing your Splash Account

Creating an Event Page 101

Choosing a Theme

Choosing Colors

Editing Text and Selecting Fonts

Adding Images, GIFs and Videos

Integrating Social Media into your Event Page

RSVPs 101

Creating your Guest List (aka Invite List)

Designing and Sending Emails

Creating and Managing a Waitlist

Sending Calendar Invites

Creating Tickets

Customizing Ticket Messaging to Attendees

Understanding Ticket Fees

Inputting Tax Information

Generating & Using Discount Codes

Issuing Refunds

Getting Paid for Ticket Sales (“Payouts”)