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Selling Tickets 101

Here's a quick overview for selling tickets online with Splash!

Create a Ticketed Event

To start selling tickets, register a Splash account or log into your existing Splash account, and create a new Ticketed Event.

The next step is to create your first ticket. Once you've created at least one ticket type, you can begin selling tickets instantly.

You can create an unlimited number of tickets for your event, customize your order form questions and confirmation messages, set up discount codes and even create tracking links.

Every aspect of the ticket buying experience can be customized and changed on-the-fly from your Splash's TICKET SETTINGS section.

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Get Paid

Just as important as setting up your tickets is entering your Payout Settings. The reason? We need to know how to pay you!

While your ticket buyers can only purchase tickets using their credit cards, Splash pays you out via the following methods:

Venmo - A safe and easy app for receiving e-payments.

Direct Deposit - Your ticket revenue transferred directly to your bank account.

Check - Your payout sent via snail mail from NYC.

*Payouts are sent 10 business days after your event ends, and will take a few days to reach you.

The Ticket Buying Experience

Many people ask us: What's it like when someone buys a ticket from my Splash page?

We designed the process to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

A buyer will come to your Splash page and click a Call To Action button (e.g. "Get Tickets"), which will open a ticket menu. From the menu, the buyer can choose the ticket(s) he or she would like buy, as well as choose the quantity of each before being directed to a Checkout Page.

On the Checkout Page, the buyer will enter his name, email address, credit card information, as well as any order form questions you had previously set up.

Upon completing all of the required fields, the buyer will click an Order Now button, upon which he or she will see an on-page ticket confirmation message and receive a confirmation email with a PDF ticket attachment.

As the event organizer, you'll receive an email confirmation of each ticket purchased. 

Additional Tutorials

Managing a Ticketed Event

Day of the Event

After the Event 

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